Installing and Monitoring security systems since 1976.

Added Advantage

We utilize SIMS/TAMCO and B.O.L.D. or Bradley On Line Data central station automated software to manage our monitoring center. All the equipment in the central station is UPS and filter protected and we have battery backup for the monitoring computers, telephone systems, computer receivers, and lighting. We also have a second monitoring center in Ohio linked with the Gahanna branch as a backup for our customer.

Other added benefits to our customers are that each customer receives an insurance certificate of completion. The form lists the type of alarm equipment they have installed and the manufacturer. It also verifies they have twenty four hour central station monitoring. The certificate saves most customers money on their home-owners policy.

Owners of businesses can request a monthly report listing the opening and closing times of their business. The report includes the names and times of the person using the system. Home owners can verify the dates and times of cleaning people and family using the system. Other useful history might be how many alarms they had and on what door or window sensor.

E.A.R. or Emergency Audio Reporting is a service where a medical emergency console or police panic console is installed for someone that has health problems or is concerned about living alone. A small wireless necklace or wristband button is worn which can alert the monitoring center of an emergency and or talk to the resident over a speaker built into the console. The central station operator can then send the proper help or just check on their well being.

Baby sitter cameras can be installed and monitored by the customer locally or the monitoring center remotely. Surveillance camera systems installed in businesses can record break-ins, employee accidents, and customer incidents. Businesses can view their lobby, fence, work and stockroom areas from a workstation monitor or home computer. Children can play outside while supervised under the watchful eyes of parents from any TV in the home. These are just a few of the added benefit we supply customers.

Vehicle Driveway Detectors are sensors that can be buried near the end of your driveway. The system will ignore the occasional vehicle just turning around in your drive, but alerts you when someone goes beyond the end of the driveway and is coming to your house. A pleasant chime tone signals you through your security system keypads that a vehicle is approaching your house.


We sell, install, and monitor commercial and residential security and fire alarm systems. Wireless emergency medical and police panic wrist and pendant transmitters are available for persons with critical medical conditions or home s in high risk or high crime areas. Carbon Monoxide monitoring, heat and smoke detectors, furnace failure, high and low temperature sensors, holdup and panic buttons, and basement water sensors are just some of the we monitor for our customers. We monitor systems we install and systems the customer may already have installed and monitored by another company. The majority of our business is in the Central Ohio area, but we can accept anything in the USA. Other services we specialize in are electric locks, card entry systems, CCTV local and remote viewing and recording, home automation, telephone, cat-5, cable TV, and low voltage structure wiring. We lease and sell systems and equipment. Uplink cellular monitoring is offered as a backup to our extremely reliable regular digital phone line monitoring.


SightSinger Security System, Inc began in 1978 as a family owned business and incorporated just a few years later. We are located on state route 62 in Gahanna Ohio next to Port Columbus International Airport. Gahanna is a suburb of Columbus. We own the approximate 2500 square foot structure at 69 Mill Street which is made with reinforced concrete floors, walls, and ceilings. Prior to our purchase of the building it was used as the Gahanna Police Station. Our building is at the center of Gahanna's river walk and Old Gahanna revitalization projects.